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GIRLBOSS Silver Cuff Bracelet

GIRLBOSS Silver Cuff Bracelet


Silver cuff bracelet hand stamped with GIRLBOSS.

Bracelet measures 9.5mm high and may be gently moulded for a comfortable fit.

Made from pure aluminium which is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish or discolour skin.

This bracelet is customisable (free of charge, no delay involved) - feel free to leave a note with your order if you would like to edit the wording on the cuff, to add a name or additional letters or a symbol.

Symbols available to add (anywhere on the surface of the bracelet - before, after or between words or at openings of cuff):

- Evil Eye

- Infinity

- Lotus Flower

- Yin Yang

- Crescent Moon

- Heart

- Sun

- Ohm

- Peace Sign

- Triangle

- Dragonfly

- Feather

- Zuni Bear

- Smiley Face

- Buddha

- Hamsa

- Bull

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